what to get your mom for her birthday

What To Get Your Mom For Her Birthday (Top 20 Gifts For Mom!)

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Mom’s birthday is coming up, but what to get her?!

Your mom is a pretty special lady: she has always been there for you, she’s supported you even when you’ve screwed up, and you know she is always just a phone call away if you need her. There is nothing quite like the relationship between a mom and her kids.

where to buy bracelets online

Where To Buy Bracelets Online (Your Go-To 2019 Guide!)

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Buying jewelry online can be a pain — is it good quality? How expensive is it? Is it customizable? How quickly will it ship? These are all important questions that determine how likely you are to purchase a particular jewelry item online. Of course it can be difficult to know where to buy jewelry online, and specifically, where to buy bracelets online, but don’t worry.

metal prints vs canvas prints

Metal Prints Vs. Canvas Prints (The Complete Guide)

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Did you just move in to a new home and you’re looking to furnish your space? Or perhaps you have a picture in mind and can’t decide whether you should get it printed on a metal print or a canvas print?

what to get your dad for his birthday

What To Get Your Dad For His Birthday (18 Best Birthday Gifts For Dad!)

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The following was published on Canvas Vows

Your dad is pretty important to you. He’s always there when you need him, he supports you when you go off on crazy adventures, and you know he will always be there to protect you. With your dad’s birthday coming up, you know you want to get him something extra special this year, something that really conveys how much he means to you and how lucky you feel to have an awesome relationship with your dad.

the fling

The Fling

Flash Fiction

For the most part, I wasn’t picky.

It’s only temporary, I decided. Where’s the harm?

The attraction was mutual, the bond unimportant. I flirted with commitment, but, really, what a joke. 

In the beginning, we played make believe, filled the roles we said we would. There were problems they said they’d fix, but, of course, what a concern: my eyes saw roses where thorns sliced skin.

We shared secrets, we shared lies. Yes, over time, we convinced each other we’d be fine. 

The days are running out now and I feel them letting go. I’ve dug in my heels, I’ve begged with sad eyes, but here now, what a child I am to miss the presence of such failed ties.

Their fingers fall through my grasp now, and, really, who’ve I to blame?

In desperation, I scream, “Stay!” but off in the distance, they just can’t miss me now that I’ve gone. 

Rounding the corner, they sneer, I’m just another promise you’ve made but won’t keep.

brick wall

Brick Wall

Flash Fiction

They build you, brick by brick. 

You’re a pattern to master, an un-objector, a work of art made by them. You’re not hard to assemble, you’re sturdy when needed, you’re protection for the frail. 

Shh, we must be quiet now: a simple sigh can cause a crash, a confused glance could crumble their creation. Each attempt from you to join in their construction is met with a slap of cement to seal you in. 

No, you are not important now: be still, don’t smile, coax the brick in place. It’s a pattern, a rhythm, a routine.

There, now you’ve done it: the last brick to seal your fate.

You take pride in their accomplishment, but they themselves don’t know: “Well, hey now, what about you?”

You do your best to curve your lips, to pick up a brick to lay it down. But the construction they’ve built, they’ve taken too far: your presence is made of bricks, your body an impenetrable wall.