how to layer necklaces

How To Layer Necklaces (Absolutely Everything You Need To Know!)

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Layered necklaces can be a difficult fashion trend to master, but dang is this style cute! When a fashion trend keeps coming back, you know it’s probably going to stick around for quite some time because, yup, it’s now considered classic.

where to buy necklaces online

Where To Buy Necklaces Online (11 Different Kinds of Necklaces!)

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Figuring out where to buy necklaces online can be tricky — you want high quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. It wouldn’t hurt if the online jewelry store also had fast & free shipping, superb customer service for any customization details or general concerns, and a huge selection of the type of necklace you’re looking for.

how to clean jewelry

How To Clean Jewely (The Complete Guide)

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Purchasing new jewelry is always exciting — you have a new accessory that opens up so many more possibilities for outfits and styling! Unfortunately, if not cared for properly, jewelry can tarnish, chip or fade over time. Though you can take your jewelry to a professional cleaner to get your jewels shining again, this can be expensive and you don’t want to do this unless absolutely necessary.

happy mother's day

26 Awesome Gifts For Mom! (2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide)

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There is one relationship that scores above all others on this Earth: the relationship between a child and mother. There are many reasons for why this is so: mothers are the emotional backbones of the family, they make sacrifices so that our lives are better and they forgive our silly mistakes.

five love languages

25 Gift Ideas For The Five Love Languages (Gift Guide 2019)

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Does it sometimes feel like you and your partner aren’t on the same page? Do you feel like you are doing everything you can do, but you still don’t know what your partner actually wants? Luckily, Dr. Gary Chapman, a marriage counselor, came up with the revolutionary concept of the 5 love languages when he recognized that couples’ answers to love questions tended to fall into 5 separate categories.

a history of feminism

A History of Feminism: Why Feminism Matters to Sincerely Silver

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As a company focusing on personalized jewelry for women, we believe that it is important to encourage the individual stories of women. Though the modern movement of feminism is controversial (with followers espousing strict adherence to its ideological claims and opponents not wanting to touch the word with a ten-foot pole), we believe feminism is still relevant today, but not necessarily in the way it is currently being used.



Flash Fiction

You’re underwater, but it’s okay: you’re not drowning. You see yourself all around, floating in bits and pieces and strands.

You’re not exactly alone down here, though you’re not all-together, either.

Your body feels as it should, so you question your need for air. How silly they all are, you think, to have feared this blue orb

You’re not exactly yourself down here: your suspension has warped your view. You see peace in this still solution; you’re at home in this salty box. You know you must have found God in this poison: you’re no longer wondering what’s up top. 



Flash Fiction

It’s wrapped around me, so close to my skin that it’s become my outer layer. It’s with me everyday and I’m told by the people with clipboards and glasses and white coats that I’m not supposed to take it off. Mine kind of looks like theirs, except theirs lets them scratch their chin, make little notes, open doors. I sit with mine, I’ve made my peace with mine, but I wonder if they’re grateful for the breeze they feel, the buttons they can adjust, the way it looks hung up on a hook after a long day. 

Mine sweats with me, breathes with me, screams with me. It shakes when I shake, shivers when I shiver, lies motionless when I lie motionless. I guess that’s the thing about mine: it knows me better than theirs know them.