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Top 15 Jewelry Trends 2019 (With 4 Jewelry Experts!)

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The following was published on Sincerely Silver

As a fashionista and jewelry lover, you need to know what’s in style this season, but it can be hard when you read conflicting opinions about what’s hot and what’s not. That’s why we’ve contacted a few top jewelry experts to bring you the top 15 jewelry trends 2019.

This year is seeing a surge of blinged-out jewelry, colorful gemstones and modern takes on old styles, like pearls. Additionally, jewelry trends 2019 have begun to see a revitalization of ‘90s and ‘80s jewelry trends, but with a modern twist.

But don’t just take our word for it —

Check out what the jewelry experts say! For everything you need to know about this year’s jewelry trends, keep reading!


Trends are subtle translations of our response to various circumstances, such as geopolitical climate, cultural development, art, among other things, that play a role in society today.

Most trends in jewellery are spread over several years, subtly evolving over the years, as luxury simply isn’t fast fashion. However, in fashion, jewellery changes can be somewhat faster due to a different price point.

-Esther Ligthart

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