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25 Gift Ideas For The Five Love Languages (Gift Guide 2019)

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The following was published on Sincerely Silver.

Does it sometimes feel like you and your partner aren’t on the same page? Do you feel like you are doing everything you can do, but you still don’t know what your partner actually wants? Luckily, Dr. Gary Chapman, a marriage counselor, came up with the revolutionary concept of the 5 love languages when he recognized that couples’ answers to love questions tended to fall into 5 separate categories. After years of counseling couples in crisis, Dr. Chapman said, “It became apparent to me that what makes one person feel loved isn’t always the same for their spouse or partner,” he explains. “I discovered every person understands and receives love in a specific language, one of five to be precise. The other four are just as important and offer [other] ways to express love to each other.” The basic premise of Dr. Chapman’s love languages is that different people with different personality types express love in different ways. Every single individual prefers at least 1 of these love languages above the others, and often an individual can have more than 1 love language.

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