a history of feminism

A History of Feminism: Why Feminism Matters to Sincerely Silver

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The following was published on Sincerely Silver and is reflective of this company’s views.

As a company focusing on personalized jewelry for women, we believe that it is important to encourage the individual stories of women. Though the modern movement of feminism is controversial (with followers espousing strict adherence to its ideological claims and opponents not wanting to touch the word with a ten-foot pole), we believe feminism is still relevant today, but not necessarily in the way it is currently being used. We want to redefine what it means to be a feminist so that feminism’s primary features are egalitarianism; its philosophical origins of political, legal, social and economic equality for women; and a focus on individual stories of women (versus an emphasis on the belief in group oppression). We also believe in transparency: the primary intention of this post is to outline the historical progression of the feminist movement leading up to its current, troubling iteration. By outlining the history of feminism, we intend to explain why we disagree with the modern third/fourth wave of feminism and why we think it is imperative that the movement be utilized more effectively. We believe feminism is only as effective as the way it is used in a society, and so, we intend to be a part of its positive application.

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