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Inspirational Necklaces (With Lots Of Examples!)

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The following was published on Sincerely Silver

Every once in awhile, we need some motivation to feel inspired. We turn to motivational sayings and meaningful symbols to remind us what we hold dear. Whether you lean towards quotes or symbols, we can all probably conjure an image in our minds of something that we find valuable — something that inspires us.

Common things that inspire us:

Love. The support and respect and nest of warmth that love provides is a magical thing that we all need to feel inspired.

Community. When a group of people come together behind a common idea, belief, or goal, it can be a beautiful thing.

Family. The bond among family members provides a sense of home and foundation that serves to nurture and educate us.

Music. Great music makes a huge difference. The creativity and talent that it takes to compose incredible music can motivate us anyday.

Past Experiences. Whether bad or good, past experiences can motivate us and inspire us to do better in the future.

Storytelling. Similar to music, great storytelling can bring passion and laughter and emotions.

Faith. This does not necessarily mean religion, though it can and does for a lot of people. Faith in life, in love, in relationships, in yourself when times get hard — that can inspire us.

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