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25 Father’s Day Gifts 2019 (All The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas!)

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He’s your dad, your pops, your father, your confidant, your friend. He takes your side against Mom, he’s always there to listen to you when you’ve had a bad day, he provides endless dad jokes and he is never short on understanding, guidance or wisdom. He’s the guy who spent countless weekends coaching you at soccer, basketball, math and piano. He was never not on the sidelines cheering you on. Sure, he has his faults — his musical taste is a little wacky and he can never remember where he set his glasses down — but you share the exact same sense of humor and the bond between you two is just undeniable.

With Father’s Day coming up, you want to make sure you get him something really spectacular this year. Something that says, “I could not ask for a better Dad — you’re the weirdest person I know and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve taught me.” That’s a tall order, but luckily we’ve searched all across the web to bring you some of the best Father’s Day gifts out there!! But first, you might be wondering, when even is Father’s Day this year?

When is Father’s Day?
Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16, 2019

As Father’s Day is coming up pretty soon, it’s time to jump online and find that gift that’s going to make him snort with laughter or “aww” with gratitude. For all the best Father’s Day gift ideas, Father’s Day gifts from daughter, homemade Father’s Day gifts and funny gifts for Dad, we’ve got you covered!! Check out our 2019 Father’s Day gift ideas list!

(HINT: #21 is our fave!!)

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