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How Canvas Prints Are Made

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The following was published on Canvas Vows

Canvas prints are a wonderful way to display photos from a family vacation, a graduation or a wedding! No matter the content of your photos, canvas prints are a uniquely modern invention and art form. The modern technology of refined digital printing combined with premium canvas fabric stretched over a wooden frame makes for flawless prints you will absolutely love. When photo prints are applied to canvas using an inkjet printer, the end result is a work of art you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch. To learn more about canvas prints and our process here at Canvas Vows, browse our complete canvas prints guide.

In this Complete Canvas Prints Guide, you will discover:
  • What is a canvas print?
  • What is a canvas made of?
  • Canvas prints vs framed prints
  • Printing on paper vs printing on canvas
  • What is the difference between acrylic and canvas prints
  • Types of canvas prints
  • What size canvas prints should I get?
  • How to clean canvas prints
  • Where to buy canvas prints
  • How to create your own canvas prints

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