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31 Quirky and Romantic Cotton Anniversary Gifts (2019)

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What is the Cotton Anniversary?

Wedding anniversaries are a special time for each couple. Every year is a new opportunity to remind your partner just how important he/she is to you. Sometimes, it can be hard to find that perfect gift that says exactly what you want to say, especially early on in your marriage. After 2 years of marriage, you want your partner to know how important this last year was for you and how happy they’ve made you.

But, where did the cotton anniversary tradition come from?

The tradition of giving specific anniversary gifts according to the number of years a couple has been together goes back to the Middle Ages. Though no one really knows when themed anniversary gifts started, most people agree it became popular during the Victorian Era (1800’s) in the United Kingdom.

Traditionally, the cotton anniversary is the 2nd year anniversary.

As a 2nd year anniversary gift, cotton can symbolize a number of things. For instance, since cotton fibers are known to be adaptable and strong when woven together, it is believed that cotton anniversary gifts represent the couple’s growing attachment and comfortability with one another. For a couple going through their second year of marriage, a few bumps in the road are not uncommon and can ultimately serve to tighten those budding bonds.

That is cotton’s significance:

As a couple embarks on the journey of marriage, they continuously learn of the other’s quirks and love the other all the more for it. Cotton anniversary gifts symbolize the growing interconnection of the romantic partners and the bonds we weave with the ones we love.

There are many comparisons we can make between cotton and a romantic relationship:

#1 Versatility

Cotton is versatile. Similarly, in romantic relationships we must be adaptable and allowing for change in order for growth.

#2 Durability

When woven together, individual cotton strands create a more durable fabric. This is equally true for romantic partners: as you grow over time with one another, your lives become increasingly intertwined and the bond can’t easily be broken.

#3 Absorption

Cotton absorbs water, “breathes” and can withstand heat. Your romantic relationship is just the same! The love that bonds you two together can outlive any challenges you may face.

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