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His and Hers Wall Decor (Ideas for 2019)

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The following was published on Canvas Vows

Designing a home can be an overwhelming task, especially when designing for two. Regarding home decor, couples frequently have different likes and dislikes, which can make home design a challenging venture. As a couple, each of you wants to make sure the other feels comfortable and at home in their living space. However, what makes her feel comfortable can sometimes make him feel uncomfortable, and vice versa.

Creating a home environment for him and her is a process of give and take, just like any good relationship. When you begin to design your dream home with you and your spouse in mind, consider a minimalist/interior design in which you only display functional items that are used by him and her. Designing your dream home and crafting the perfect house plan design or home floor plan is a task we will leave up to these guys for now. However, designing home and wall decor for him and her doesn’t have to be a burden and we’re here to help.

In fact, we specialize in his and hers wall art!

If you are invested in finding the perfect home decor wall art for him and for her, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered together a few dos and don’ts of how to design bedrooms and bathrooms for him an her in 2019 to help make your life easier.

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