happy 10th wedding anniversary

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary (15 Anniversary Gift Ideas!)

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First of all, congratulations!!! You have now been married for 10 years and that is quite an achievement! By now, you know each other’s personalities better than anyone and you’ve most likely gone through some fights or tough times that have ultimately served to bond you further. Perhaps you’ve had kids or are just now thinking about having kids; you’ve done some travelling; you’ve moved jobs, changed career paths, or moved states; you’ve seen each other’s ups and downs and you know your partner pretty darn well. Regardless of your particular path, you can say relatively comfortably that you know your partner, you’re content in your relationship, and you can’t wait to see where the next 10 years will take you!

Traditional Gift: Tin or Aluminum

The traditional 10 year wedding anniversary gift is tin or aluminum, which symbolizes longevity, preservation, and the ability of a marriage to last a long time. A couple that has remained together for 10 years has undoubtedly seen some difficult times, but has nevertheless worked through them and remained intact. Tin and aluminum also represent durability and pliability, meaning that the metal (and the marriage!) can be bent but not broken. By this stage in your marriage, you both have most likely had to compromise on certain things, though your marriage has not only survived, but is still going strong.

Modern Gift: Diamond Jewelry

Since the traditional 10 year wedding anniversary gift idea is not super glamorous or fancy, you can also consider getting the modern gift idea, which is diamond jewelry. Diamonds are known for their clarity, beauty, durability, and strength; thus, they make for great 10 year anniversary gifts since they are a timeless symbol of passion, interconnectedness, and eternal love. Ten years of marriage is a milestone, an achievement, and an investment into a special person, just like purchasing a diamond ring is an investment in a special piece of jewelry.

Gemstone: Diamond

The diamond is the hardest mineral on earth, so this gemstone symbolizes your strong bond after 10 years of marriage. In a typical diamond mine, there is usually one part diamond per one million parts host rock; thus, the diamond represents the rarity of finding true love. The diamond forms under high pressure and high temperature, just like how your bond with your partner is formed amidst the challenges and occasional complications of married life. Throughout time, diamonds have been believed to have certain powers, such as protecting against nightmares, poisons, phobias, witchcraft, demonic possession, and insanity. Diamonds have become the popular choice for engagement rings and have come to symbolize true love due to their strength, resilience, and beauty. If you’re looking to get diamond jewelry for your 10th wedding anniversary, check out this diamond jewelry buying guide.

Flower: Daffodil

The daffodil symbolizes 10 years of marriage and represents joy, happiness, and cheerfulness. After 10 years of marriage with your spouse, you have been made happy and cheerful by your partner more times than you can count! For your 10 year anniversary, consider getting a potted daffodil plant or a bouquet of 10 beautiful daffodils!

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