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Best Christmas Gift Guide 2019 (32 Christmas Gift Ideas!)

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Finally, it’s Christmastime! If you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we’ve listed out the best Christmas gifts of 2019 in an easy-to-navigate gift guide! The holidays are a magical time of the year when you can take some time off work, relax with your loved ones, and spend some time doing only what you want to do. Another great part about the holidays is giving and receiving gifts from our loved ones — it makes us feel good to give gifts that we know the recipient will enjoy and, similarly, to receive gifts that are useful, meaningful or that bring us joy.

But, what should I get my family and friends?

It’s not always easy to know what to get the people who are closest to us and, oftentimes, we can be at a loss and not know what to get the people we love most. There are some people who are just impossible to buy for, and then there are others who you can think of 10 – 20 gift ideas and you just don’t have the funds to get them all! All in all, researchers have found that many people strive to get extravagant gifts that will “create drama” when it is opened. Gift-givers put pressure on themselves to find the perfect gift, they one that will elicit a big reaction from the giftee. However, a study shows that recipients don’t want all this drama, and so, gift-givers should not aim for a “big reveal.”


Well, what should I get them, then?

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