the witch

The Witch

Flash Fiction

She’s not there every day, but when she is, she doesn’t leave you alone.

She is not nice to you, she doesn’t love you, she doesn’t want to be your friend. She calls you names, slaps your fat, makes you question your hair, your nose, your lips — those little tiny features you hoped might one day be loved for their charm. She puts you under her spell and, despite all your usual defenses, she takes control of your body and all you can do is watch. 

The Parasite is in control. 

Her games are not for the feeble-minded: she curves your innocent fingers into a fist and beats your stomach, she makes you gag at the sight of yourself in the mirror, she takes scissors and razorblades and your own dull fingernails and pierces the flesh all over your body.

The Witch is in control now. She smiles in your face while you lay exhausted, weak, and bleeding.

The deed is done, the games have been played: she rests next to you now, holding your hand, knowing you’re defeated.

the circus

The Circus

Flash Fiction

We’re standing facing one another, each equipped with various objects, ready to play our game. 

A whistle is blown and we’re off: we throw them in the air with ease, at first. The crowd is cheering proudly and we puff our chests in response.

He fumbles an object and the crowd groans accordingly, but his fumble causes me to miss and the crowd erupts in laughter: I’ve dropped all the objects now, but the clatter works to my advantage. Wild-eyed and distracted, he tries to keep the rhythm, but they’ve all gone wonky and he can’t keep the objects balanced. He’s losing them all now and I stare in horror as they all come tumbling down upon him. 

Him and they clatter to the ground, soiled and disgraced.

In the confusion, I offer a hand, but his stare suggests he can’t register a response.

Howling with laughter, the crowd cripples his once proud gait. He jolts to this feet and, with bowed shoulders, darts from the circus’ center.

Cheering and whooping and whistling, the crowd’s elation fills the air. I look around to them all, but cannot bring myself to bow. 

Dear Sirs and Ma’ams, have I won?

do it yourself pest control

Do It Yourself Pest Control (Your Complete Guide)

Local SEO, SEO/Content Writing

The following was published on Arizona Bee Kings

Pests have a way of getting into our homes and disrupting our lives. Whether it’s ants, cockroaches, mice, bed bugs, termites, spiders, scorpions, silverfish or even bees, pests have the ability to squeeze themselves through small holes to enter your home.

what is seo

What Is SEO? (Everything You Need To Know About SEO)

SEO/Content Writing

The following was published on Blueshift SEO

Maybe you’ve heard the acronym SEO and know it has something to do with helping your site reach more people — if that’s the case, then you already know more than a lot of people regarding what is SEO! SEO can get pretty complex when it comes to understanding all the factors that affect a site’s ranking, but the basic concept is not that difficult to understand. In general, SEO involves making changes to your website design and website contentto make it more attractive to a search engine so that your site appears higher on search engine results page.

farmhouse bedroom decor

11 Key Features of Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

Home, SEO/Content Writing

The following was published on White Pine Home

You don’t have to live on a farm to appreciate the farmhouse style. If you’ve ever flipped on HGTV just once, you could probably identify farmhouse style if you saw it. After a couple episodes of Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, you’re hooked: your next home decor project is to transform your bedroom into farmhouse style, but how? Before you can take on this project, you need to know the key features or components of farmhouse bedroom decor to know how to decorate a farmhouse bedroom.

gifts for sister

25 Best Gifts For Sister (All-Time Best Gift Ideas For Sister!!)

Gift Guides, SEO/Content Writing

The following was published on Sincerely Silver

For a good portion of your childhood, your sister was a nuisance. She picked on you, made you believe you were adopted, and maybe even stuck gum in your hair, contributing to the lovely bowl-cut haircut you had for your second grade picture day. You love her now, sure, but boy did you enjoy stealing her toys and telling on her to Mom and Dad back then.

how to organize jewelry

How To Organize Jewelry (Top 10 Jewelry Organizer Ideas!)

Fashion & Jewelry, SEO/Content Writing

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Long necklaces, chain bracelets and dainty rings can easily get lost if you’re not careful.  Have you ever been getting ready to go out for a night, had planned to wear your diamond stud earrings or choker necklace, but can’t find them anywhere?! It doesn’t really matter how many different bracelets, necklaces, earrings or rings you have if you can never find them when you need them!

where to buy earrings online

Where To Buy Earrings Online (Your 2019 Guide!)

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Dying for a new pair of earrings but not sure where to look?? Earrings make fantastic accessories — you can dress up just about any outfit with the right pair of earrings! But it can be difficult to know where to find our next favorite pair.

top jewelry trends

Top 15 Jewelry Trends 2019 (With 4 Jewelry Experts!)

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As a fashionista and jewelry lover, you need to know what’s in style this season, but it can be hard when you read conflicting opinions about what’s hot and what’s not. That’s why we’ve contacted a few top jewelry experts to bring you the top 15 jewelry trends 2019.