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Minimalist Vs. Eclectic: Which Interior Design Style Is Right for You?

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The following was published on Home Decore Idea as a guest post for Canvas Vows

Today, there are two pretty popular interior design styles that seem to be at complete opposite ends of the interior design spectrum: minimalist and eclectic. Whether you’ve just bought a home, you’re looking to do a home renovation or you’re just curious which style suits you, it is important to know the essential features of a minimalist design and an eclectic design.

But, how do you know which one is right?

There are three essential features of both the minimalist style and the eclectic style: knowing these features will help you determine which one is right for you. While interior design blogs, magazines and websites put forth a seemingly endless number of tips, tricks and examples of both minimalist interior design and eclectic interior design, the overwhelming amount of information can leave you feeling more confused than before! How can you know which interior design style is the right one for you, your family and your home if you can’t determine the essential essence of each style?

With the help of professionals at Freshome, we’ve boiled down the two interior design styles to their essential features to help you know which interior design style (minimalist or eclectic) is right for you! Keep reading to learn what is eclectic style as well as how to decorate minimalist style.

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