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2nd Anniversary Gift: The Complete Guide To Your 2nd Anniversary!

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The following was published on Forever Anniversary

In the whirlwind of marriage, the 2nd anniversary can often be overlooked with everything the two of you have going on. A 2nd anniversary can feel less significant than the 1st, the 5th, or the 10th, for instance, but this is not an anniversary you should skip over. Taking some time out of your busy schedules to recognize the love and bond you share is really all that matters. After all, the two of you are another year closer, wiser and more understanding within your marriage —  what better reason to celebrate than that? On your 2nd wedding anniversary, you will be married for 730 days and over 1 million minutes! That includes over 5,000 hours of snuggle time (sleeping) and over 1,500 meals together. So whether you’re looking for a fancy 2nd year wedding anniversary celebration or something more casual, it is important to recognize the devotion you two have for one another in some way. This complete guide will tell you all you need to know to make your 2nd year of marriage just as spectacular as the first.

In this complete guide to your 2nd anniversary, you will discover:
  • Traditional vs modern (anniversary symbols)
  • Color
  • Gemstone
  • Flower
  • 2nd anniversary gift ideas
  • Ways to celebrate the 2nd year wedding anniversary

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