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14 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

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The following was published on 4 Home Business as a guest post for Canvas Vows

Interior design comes in a range of formats and formulas, with certain styles obviously distinct while others seem to have minute differences between them. If you’re looking to revamp your interiors and looking for a style that matches your own personal preferences, brushing up on the various interior design styles is a good idea. While some people like to mix and match elements of the various designs to make a style entirely their own, others like to create a home entirely of one consistent style. Interior design styles are defined depending on the various features present, including the color palette; style, shape and materials of the furnishings; what kinds and how many decor pieces; as well as the overall experience of the space. Therefore, knowing what sets a design apart from the rest will help you to pick the style that is best for your space and ambitions, helping you to achieve visual perfection with a lot less hassle.

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