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Interior Design & Mood: How Decoration Affects Your Well-Being

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The following was published on Houzz as a guest post for Canvas Vows

The quality of our interior environment can have a huge impact on our health and well-being. Believe it or not, the choices we make when deciding how our home will look affects our perceptions, emotions and interactions with the outside world. According to mind-body research, our personal environment has been proven to influence our moods, impact our behavior and motivation to act, facilitate or discourage interactions, and create or reduce stress depending on the organization of the space and the specific objects included in the design. With the help of a few interior design tips, we can consciously manipulate decorative elements to encourage peace, comfort, creativity and happiness in our home that can then have a positive impact on our daily routines and the rest of our lives.

Color Palette

The fact that colors can affect our mood is so deeply rooted in our moods that we use it in our vocabulary: we say we feel blue, we are green with envy or red with rage. When designing your home, it is crucial that you select a color palette to set the tone and mood of the room. According to color psychology, lighter colors will make a room feel more open, whereas darker shades will make a room feel more enclosed. The more white that is added to a hue, the more light is reflected in a room; on the other hand, the darker the hue, the more light is absorbed, which creates the feel of darkness.

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