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Why Stylish Sportswear is The New Trend

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The following was published on New Love – Makeup as a guest post for Sincerely Silver

Sportswear, activewear, Sports Luxe, Athleisure — whatever you call it — you know it when you see it: stylish sportswear brands are taking over the fashion industry! Today, it is completely normal to see a baseball cap on the desk of your coworker, yoga pants at brunch or colorful cycling shorts on shoppers at the grocery store. Stylish sportswear is the new, modern uniform for those of the active, on-the-go mindset, or the go-getters who desire comfort, function and a casual style.

In this guide to stylish sportswear, you will discover:

  • When and how sportswear became fashionable
  • The activewear trends and sports that influenced the fashion industry
  • Stylish sportswear brands to know

Read the full post here

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