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Maternity Fashion 2019: Top 6 Fashionable Maternity Clothes For The Modern Woman

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The following was published on Coco & Creme as a guest post for Sincerely Silver.

Just less than 100 years ago, the options for maternity fashion were so limited that pregnant women really only had a few clothing choices during those 9 months. Frumpy clothing, shapeless muumuus and tent-like dresses plagued expectant mothers, which definitely didn’t help any self-conscious feelings they might have had. Though it is understandable that fashionable maternity wear might be far from the minds of pregnant women, it shouldn’t be. When you set some time aside for yourself and make time for fashion (like you would if you weren’t pregnant), this can help to improve your mental and emotional state, aiding the throes of motherhood and helping you to feel like yourself amidst an emotional period.

Why is this?

The experience of growing another life pivots the focus from yourself to your child such that much less time and energy is spent ensuring one’s own sense of happiness. While this makes sense to focus on life and well-being of the child, it is also crucial that adequate time and energy is put into maintaining one’s own well-being, else a pregnant or new mom can often feel overlooked and, well, frumpy. A simple way to maintain a comfort level with oneself while pregnant or during the postpartum period is to transition into appropriate pregnancy clothes that are also fashionable. Focusing on fashionable maternity clothes is both practical and uplifting for the expectant mom.

Maternity clothes don’t have to be ugly, dull and drab!

Thankfully, many popular brands and stores agree: just because you’re sporting a bump doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own sense of fashion. Many modern maternity stores are women-run and focus on comfort and practicality without sacrificing fashion for the new mom. To help you find all the best maternity wear, we’ve gathered the top 6 motherhood maternity styles and fashionable pregnancy clothes to keep you feeling in tip-top shape.

Keep reading for your go-to maternity fashion 2019 guide!

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