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How To Style Your Home Library

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The following was published on Best Home Server as a guest post for Canvas Vows

There is something quite magical about a room designed just for relaxation and imagination. In a time when our attention is easily captured by moving, flashing and beeping screens, the brilliance of words written on a page cannot be overstated. Though new technologies are compelling, a home library can take you to worlds far away without ever leaving your comfy, cozy nook. A home library is dedicated to your personal, prized collection and vastly more intimate than public or university libraries: the various elements of the space (and, simply, the space itself) speaks to your personality.

The great thing about home libraries is that they do not cycle through trends as fast as other trends — say, for instance, the color of the season. However, there are some pretty basic guidelines that can help you create a masterful space. Whether you live in a classy city apartment, a country home or somewhere in between, you really only need three things to create a beautiful home library: good lighting, comfortable seating and strong shelving. How you style those elements determines the character, appeal and purpose of the room.

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