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How To Plan A Modern Wedding Without Sacrificing Tradition

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The following was published on Mole Empire as a guest post for Sincerely Silver

In this modern age, certain wedding traditions seem old and outdated: getting the father of the bride’s permission, the bride’s family paying for the ceremony, the white bridal dresses or Richard Wagner’s Bridal Chorus. It’s “your day,” but the structure of the wedding day and its various elements are determined by family tradition, religion, convention and social obligation — so, is it your day? Traditional weddings can stifle your individuality and the unique bond between you and your partner, but is there a place for traditions still? After all, traditions serve to connect us to the past, infuse meaning into events and help to organize various facets of our lives. When planning your modern wedding, consider the usefulness of traditional elements, and balance these with modern features that highlight the one-of-a-kindness of your relationship.

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