Layered with depth: TAP 357 Maple Whisky


In the oldest distillery in Quebec, TAP Whisky distills its whisky four times before it matures in a combination of bourbon barrels to create a variety of signature whiskies. Their use of superior ingredients and small-batch process ensures a naturally smooth whisky that, once aged, Master Blender Michel Marcil expertly blends. Marcil utilizes the rich flavors, such as maple, from the province of Quebec, where syrup-tapping was perfected centuries ago. Though TAP Whisky all began with the robust flavors of TAP 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whisky, they have extended their line of fine whiskies to include a limited edition of Rye Whisky blends, each unique in flavor.

Combining the blended Canadian Rye Whisky – crafted from the Palomino Fino grapes from the Jerez region of Spain – with the pure “Canada 1 Light” maple syrup from Quebec, Marcil fuses the two flavors in a beautiful union to create a purely Canadian whisky – TAP 357 Maple Whisky. During the finishing process, the delicious and flavorful maple-infused rye whisky is left to rest until its lush notes of maple and rye emerge on the palate. The aromatics of the maple enhances the whisky taste in TAP 357 for a truly rich flavor, layered with depth.



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