Four Reasons Why The Magicians is One of the Most Bingeable Shows on Netflix!

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The following was published in December 2017 on Young Hollywood’s #thesecene. Read it here

With the holiday season in full force, you may be looking for an escape from all the obligatory family gatherings, chaotic shopping malls, and never-ending loop of cheery Christmas tunes. Don’t worry – Netflix has the perfect show! SYFY’s The Magicians is a captivatingly bingeable TV show to help you escape into a world of magic and wonder. With its Season 3 fast approaching – set to air on January 10th, 2018 – you will want to be all caught up on the adventures of Quentin and friends. Get your blankets and your hot cocoa ready – you won’t be leaving your couch and comfy PJs for a while!

  1. Fascinating Story

With its creative storyline – based on the book, The Magicians, by Lev Grossman – you will get sucked in! From the outcast lives of hedge witches living in New York City to the bizarre whims of horned gods, malevolent pixies, and talking tree forests in the magical land of Fillory, you will not get bored watching how the lives of 7 magicians unfold.

  1. Deep, Emotional Characters

In following the characters’ journey as magicians at Brakebills University, it is impossible not to root for the romantic relationships of Quentin and Alice, and Penny and Kady. Through their relationship hardships and honest approach to heavy issues, you feel for them and their struggles.

  1. Meaningful, Philosophical Themes

Since The Magicians is science fiction, you might be expecting some crazy underlying themes – and you won’t be disappointed! With themes of chaos vs. order, explanations of the afterlife, and discussions of human morality and The Soul, The Magicians will keep your mind busy! The Magicians is unique in its social commentary on human existence.

  1. Witty, Referential Dialogue

The references to contemporary music (Foo Fighters), movies/books (Harry Potter), videogames (Mario), and icons (Beyoncé) will make you feel like the fantasy world they live in isn’t so far away! The genre-savvy characters, who show a clear awareness of pop culture as it pertains to their crazy situations, tap the pulse of modern life.

In addition, the catchy music, appeal to Millennial humor, and jaw-dropping costumes will leave you hungry for this riveting tale of a world where anything is possible!

Check out the Season 3 trailer here – after you’re done binge-watching Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix, of course!

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